About us

We never tire of listening to our customers: knowing their habits, desires and uncertainties allows us to develop increasingly efficient solutions that stay close to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s Vending.

For over 40 years, every day we have been experimenting and working hard to support operators with a complete and ever-evolving range of solutions, with particular attention to the digital area and mobile-payment.

Every moment, from development to customer service, is featured by a Lean approach. All high value-added activities such as design, production, testing and pre- and post-sales assistance are managed internally, while almost 80% of the value of the components is purchased from Italian suppliers.

The close collaboration between the R&D department and the Customer Service allows a direct exchange of skills and experiences, fueling a continuous cycle of product and service innovation.

High standards of quality, speed, flexibility and competitive prices make our company a virtuous example of Made in Italy, recognized by customers all over the world.


We do everything to support the operators’ business and allow them to operate professionally, efficiently and without concerns. This is why the value Paytec wants to offer does not end with the delivery of the product:
- we offer our help in choosing the most suitable solutions and configurations for the client’s activity and objectives.
- we plan and execute the first installations together with the customer’s technicians.
- we organize technical training dedicated to the programming, maintenance and diagnostics of Paytec systems.
- we provide a tailored telephone or videoconference assistance to analyze and identify solutions to compatibility problems or a malfunctioning.
- we collect ideas, suggestions and recommendations on how to continuously improve our offer.
We are convinced that the entering of new digital technologies in Vending represents a great opportunity for the sector. In the past few years, Paytec has been investing money and efforts to offer operators the opportunity to innovate and stand out in a more and more competitive market.

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