Paytec CV3516 coin validator relies on an innovative measuring system to ensure high coin acceptance rates and an optimum rejection of counterfeits.

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Enhanced features, including high processing speed, guarantee improved efficiency and security standards to offer a coin selecting technology that meets the most stringent requirements.
Features such as anti-fishing and coin jam surveillance underline utmost security.
A specifically developed technology for bi-color coins is included – a feature necessary for Euro coins among others.
Thanks to a teaching mode function, additional coins and tokens may be programmed without the need for supplementary equipment. A self-diagnostic function ensures optimum results.

Main functionalities:
• 32 active channels, up to 16 different coins or tokens
• Maximum coin sizes: 32.5 mm (diameter), 3.4 mm (thickness)
• Coin blocking: 16 DIP switches for blocking individual or groups of coins
• Body dimensions (height x width x depth): 104 x 53 x 93.5 mm (excluding faceplate)


Data sheet

Product CV3516 coin validator
Protocols Standard parallel 12/24VDC
Audit N/A
Configuring tools DIP switches
Diagnostic tool On board
Updating tools CV3516 must be sent to Paytec for updating

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