FOUR MDB-ONLY / EUR 10-5-20-50


FOUR MDB-only is a changegiver that has been developed to satisfy the operators’ requirements for a low-cost, convenient and reliable MDB product.

Tube configuration
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As a rule, Audit data are managed by the master unit, but they can be gathered locally with a number of tools. System configuration takes place with dedicated PC-based software, with Paytec palmtops or PayTools.
FOUR MDB-only is the ideal solution for MDB configurations and represents the best balance between price and performance available on the market.

Main functionalities:

  • 30 coin channels
  • Messages displayed in one or two languages

Data sheet

Product Gettoniera FOUR MDB-only a 4 tubi
Protocols MDB Slave
Audit Formato standard EVA-DTS con eventi hardware, prelevabili attraverso IrDA (modulo opzionale), oppure con PayTools (attraverso BT6000) e PC
Configuring tools Tramite P6000, PayTools (con BT6000), WEB6000 e PC
Diagnostic tool Tramite software Configurator su PC
Updating tools Tramite SIB

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