The Caiman Lite range (EXE and MDB) is known in the market for its compactness and simplicity, both in installation and use.

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In the MDB version, Caiman Lite connects directly to the vending machines or to any changegiver as a MDB peripheral. 

Audit data are available both in standard EVA-DTS and extended formats, and can be retrieved with a number of tools and technologies, including an external IrDA module (optional). System configuration takes place with dedicated PC-based software,Paytec palmtops, a Data Key/Card or PayTools.
Easy to install and configure, Caiman Lite is ideal for operators who wish to offer cashless in combination with third-parties’ changegivers, or for those who plan to deploy cashless-only machines.

Cashless main functionalities:
100 prices/discounts, 4 special discount levels, user groups, time bands, free vends, free credits, fidelity function, black list, key pre-payment, key code conversion
Autoprogramming of PIT keys


Data sheet

Product Caiman Lite reader for PIT keys or Mifare® keys/cards
Protocols Caiman MDB: MDB Slave
Audit Standard EVA-DTS and extended formats. It can be collected via IrDA (external module optional), with Data Key/Card, PayTools/PayCloud and PC
Configuring tools P6000, Data Key/Card, PayTools (with BT6002 or cable) and PC
Diagnostic tool System status via LED messages on the reader
Updating tools SIB
Cashless main functionalities

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