APEX 7000 is the bill acceptor distributed by Paytec. Its reliability is witnessed by 10 years of use worldwide and granted by a constant upgrading.

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A dual-stage optical anti-stringing technology with 8 sensors offers the highest security against tampering or fraudulent bills. The “Escrow” function enables users to get the bill back in the case of a failed vend or when no change is available. The bill acceptor is distributed with a 200-bill cashbox (a model with 500-bill cashbox is also available).
APEX is equipped with a self-calibrating system and can be easily configured with DIP switches on board. The simple on-board diagnostics with LEDs on the front bezel make diagnostic messages easy to interpret

Main functionalities:
• Standard 200-bill stacker (500-bill stacker available on demand)
• Accepts bills up to 72 mm wide
• Acceptance speed: approx. 20 bills per minute
• Dual-stage optical anti-stringing technology
• “Escrow function” to recover bills in the case of failed top-ups or vend
• Self-calibrating system


Data sheet

Product APEX 7000 bill acceptor
Protocols MDB
Audit N/A (data are stored in the master unit)
Configuring tools Embedded DIP switches
Diagnostic tool Integrated diagnostic system
Updating tools PRO-2 Programmer

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